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Recent Episodes

216: Puerto Rico or, “To Be or Not To Be… a State”
At my school, the senior class always goes on a class trip the last week of high school. So next
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215: Game of Thrones or, “The George R.R. Martin Historical Plagiarism Tour”
On the vast grasslands, a fierce warrior arose on horseback to become the leader of a great empire, uniting the
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214: Brexit or, “Should Have Signed a Prenup”
Real talk: Theresa May and I are exhausted. I’ve been researching this episode on Brexit for one month and every
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213: 2019 Oscar Nominees or, “The Vice Favourite Green Panther Klansman from Bohemian Roma is Born”
Happy Spring Break! Oh what’s that? You have to go into work over spring break? That sucks. Well, at least
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212: Saudi Arabia or, “Jared and the Crown Prince sitting in a tree”
As we speak, 10 women are going on trial for advocating their right to drive cars. Yeah, to drive cars.
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BONUS: New Orleans
So this episode is specifically for my US History students. They are off on a weeklong class trip to New
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211: North Korea or, “If you give a Kim a country, he’s gonna want some nukes”
I had planned this big dramatic intro where I would go over all of the juicy details about the most
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BONUS: SXSW EDU “Teaching in the Era of Fake News”
Emily was lucky enough to present at SXSW EDU 2019 with her friend and coworker, Emily Pool. We’ve made an
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210: Political Gridlock or, “Do Something, Congress!”
As I record this, the US Congress has just begun its 116th session and is, in theory, getting to work.
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209: Thanksgiving or, “The Squanto Treatment”
Fair warning: I’ve given myself a challenge this episode. I’m going to try to teach you a story from American
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