Anti-Social Studies was founded by Emily Glankler after she was told by the one millionth adult that they “remembered nothing from their high school history class.” Emily decided that was unacceptable and so she created a podcast to teach her friends and family all the stuff they missed while they slept through class. Since 2018 she has grown Anti-Social Studies into a community of teachers, students, and history nerds to teach, learn, and appreciate the most important subject on the planet.

The Anti-Social Studies
Mission Statement

I believe that most of the world’s problems could be solved with a thorough social studies education. I want to disrupt the traditional classroom by introducing contemporary issues and productive discussion to the school-wide curriculum, developing meaningful lessons that go past dates and names and help kids build critical context for the world they live in, and creating educational materials that are accessible to both young people and the young at heart who wish they had paid more attention in history class.

Who is Emily?

Emily Glankler is an Austin native with multiple degrees in History that she has somehow converted into a useful career. (Take that, dad!) She studied History and International Studies at UNC – Chapel Hill before moving back to Austin and beginning her teaching career. She now has nine years of classroom teaching experience and a Masters degree in History.

Her favorite classes to teach are AP World (affectionately known as WHAP) and Contemporary Issues. For nine years, Emily has taught some version of a current events class, which informs her philosophy that teaching history is one of the best ways to understand and improve the present. She teaches AP World History, AP U.S. History, modern U.S. History and Discussion Skills at Griffin School in Austin, Texas and she is the AP World History consultant for Marco Learning.

Emily is also a public speaker who wants to inspire and help other educators use media literacy, tackle current events and make connections between history and the “real world” in their classrooms. She presented at SXSW EDU in 2019 on the topic of “Teaching in the Era of Fake News” and has visited multiple school districts to share her strategies for making the history classroom more engaging and bringing current events into core classes.

For rates and more information on having Emily lead a training at your school, please email antisocstudies@gmail.com.