Classroom Resources: Contemporary Issues (Season 2)

Hello teachers! On this page you’ll find links to resources for extending the conversations from the podcast into your classroom. Ideas and instructions are explained on the detailed Episode pages but you can also find all resources that were created by me in my Google Drive folder that I have made public for you to use!

Episode 201: Russia or, “What the Helsinki?!”
Topics covered: Vladimir Putin, Trump-Russia investigation

Episode 202: History at the Movies or, “The Hungry Panther Games”
Topics covered: Historical Movie Project!

Episode 203: Sports and Protest or, “Martin, Malcolm, and Colin”
Topics covered: civil disobedience, Dr. King and Malcolm X writing/speech analysis, perspective analysis on NFL National Anthem protest

Episode 204: Immigration or, “Good fences make tense neighbors”
Topics covered: nativism, push-pull factors, immigration in US history, modern immigration debates

Episode 205: Indigenous Americans (pt. 1) or, “Dang I wish I was an Inca”
Topics covered: Aztec-Inca debate, myths of the Spanish Conquest document analysis

Episode 206: Indigenous Americans (pt. 2) or, “1491”
Topics covered: Westward Expansion, 19th c. Indian Wars, the Lakota Sioux

Episode 207: Voting or, “Sorry George”
Topics covered: Washington’s Farewell Address, Jim Crow Laws

Episode 208: Central American Migration or, “THE CARAVAN!”
Coming soon!

Episode 209: Thanksgiving or, “The Squanto Treatment”
Coming soon!

Episode 210: Political Gridlock or, “Do Something, Congress!”
Coming soon!