AP History Tutoring

Emily has limited slots for individual or group tutoring to help students taking AP World or AP US History.

If you are interested in tutoring with Emily, please fill out the form below. Please include as much info as possible including how many students are interested in tutoring and how many sessions you’re interested in (if you know.)

What’s included?

Each tutoring session lasts 60-90 minutes and is essentially one-on-one time with Emily over Zoom. Students can bring essays they’ve written or practice tests they’ve taken to discuss, content they would like to review, or anything else that would help them feel more prepared for the AP Exam. (Note: There is no pre-planned “curriculum” with tutoring. Each session is unique and is guided by what your student wants to cover.)


Please fill out the form to inquire about rates. I charge on a sliding scale to accommodate as many families’ budgets as possible. (This means I will give you a range and then you choose what is reasonable based on your family’s financial situation. Within that range, there is no difference in terms of service or quality of tutoring. I treat all of my tutoring students with equal care and attention.)