Gift Ideas for the Social Studies Nerd in Your Life

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Any book by Malcolm Gladwell is a definite hit with the nerd crowd. But this is his newest book and hey, maybe it will make discussions around the family dinner table less awkward?

This is one of my favorite recommendations because you can read it cover to cover or in pieces. You get amazing tidbits about drinks (coffee, tea, beer, wine, etc.) that are ideal cocktail party banter. Perfect.

Your feminist friend needs this. Let’s be honest, your non-feminist friends probably need it more.

This is my absolute favorite work of historical fiction. And it’s about the often-overlooked but just-as-interesting World War I. Ah, the War to Cause All Wars…

And this is my favorite work of historical nonfiction. And it’s a book that “Book Club People” and “History Nerds” will both like! Gilded Age Chicago? A World’s Fair with every live famous figure in attendance?? And a serial killer??? What’s not to love?

This is another one of those rare books that “Book Club People” and “History Nerds” will both like! It’s a memoir written by a *hilarious* woman who grew up at the end of British colonialism in Africa. (I promise it’s funny somehow.)

Augustus (the Emperor Formerly Known as Octavian) was straight-up fascinating and this biography is perfect for those deep-dive nerds that want to become an expert in something.


The original SuperFight! is one of my favorite party games. It’s like Apples to Apples or Card Against Humanity (but more PG), but you built fighters and debate who would win in a battle. And this deck is specifically history themed! Yes! Teachers: this is also an AMAZING conversation starter with students.

Let’s ALL play the woman card! It’s fun!

Bring your history nerd back to their middle school computer class by playing the Oregon Trail. And hey, you might not die of dysentery? (Let’s be real. You’ll probably die of dysentery. But you’ll have fun doing it.)

I mean. If you’re not already playing Catan at every family holiday then what are you doing? It’s not *technically* historical but it’s *definitely* nerdy. They’ll love it.

General Silliness!

I mean, who wouldn’t want the Great Emancipator on their desk at all times? Are they insane??