Season 1: World History World History

World History Ep. 12: World War Two, or “Who was supposed to be watching Germany?!”

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Today, we’ll talk about the war that was directly caused by the War to End All Wars. Talk about irony. The world gets depressed, Hitler rises, and everything falls apart.

Act 1: The Depression

Act 2: The Rise of Hitler

Act 3: The War

Act 4: The Holocaust

Act 5: The Post-War World

Out of the ashes of Europe’s destruction, two new superpowers rise. The Soviet Union is amazingly still standing. Again, they lost 23 million people in the war. But their sheer size and the amount of power that Stalin commanded over the government and the economy kept them afloat, much to the chagrin of subjugated nations across eastern Europe.

And in the west, the United States emerged as a major powerhouse for the first time in history. Separated from the war by an ocean on either side, the American homeland was relatively unscathed. So American factories, crops, and other industries, all of which had been reinvigorated by the war effort, were primed and ready to help rebuild Europe. And they will rebuild Europe. Partly out of the goodness of our hearts, but also out of the fear that an impoverished Europe might turn to communism.

And after the heat of years of world war, things begin to get very very cold.

To be continued.

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