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World History Ep. 11: World War I or, “The War to Cause All Wars”

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Today we’re going to look at World War I, or “The War To Cause All Wars!” There will be acronyms, accidental hijinks that get an archduke killed, trench foot, and a really pissed off Germany. That can’t be good.

Act 1: The MAIN Causes of WWI

Act 2: The Great War

Act 3: The Russian Revolution

Act 4: The Effects of WWI

So, World War One was supposed to be the War to End All Wars. And boy, was Wilson wrong. Europe walked into the war willingly. They all had a lot to prove, territories to gain, and they believed that their nation’s military was so powerful they would all be home in a few weeks. Four years later, the global landscape is shifting. The last two great land empires – Russia and the Ottomans – have fallen apart. And colonists who shipped off to fight for their mother country in the name of nationalism are coming back home and thinking, “Nationalism seems pretty great. Maybe we should have that here, too?” And Germany – the rising young country – has had its national pride run into the ground. In Europe and the United States, everyone retreats back into their protectionist holes, hoping that if they just don’t get involved in foreign affairs then another war won’t happen. Boy, was everyone wrong.

To be continued…

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