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World History Ep. 8: The Modern Era in the West, or “You Say You Want A Revolution?”

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Today we’re going back to the Modern Era in the West, or as I like to call it, “You Say You Want A Revolution…”. We’ll look at political revolutions and talk about why George Washington was the best. We’ll also see the dominance of Britain as the leader of the new industrial revolution and the age of imperialism. Look out world – the suns about to never set on… you… What? That didn’t make sense. This is Anti-Social Studies; I’m Emily Glankler; settle in, and let’s go back in time…

Act 1: Anatomy of a Revolution | The American Revolution

Act 2: Red! The Color of Angry Men! | The French Revolution

Act 3: The Latin American Revolutions

Act 4: The Industrial Revolution

So, Europe is revolutionizing. Everything. They are taking all of the cool new ideas that were proposed in the early modern era and using them to smash the traditional ways of doing things. Colonists overthrow their mother countries. Citizens behead their monarchs. Businessmen strike out on their own and make money independent of the Church or the Crown. And next time, we’ll stay in this same time period, and we’ll see how Europe also used all of these tools at its disposal – technological advancement, highly organized government, and a real big superiority complex – to subjugate the rest of the world and create empires on which the sun never set.

To be continued…

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