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World History Ep. 7: The Early Modern Era in the East, or “They Didn’t Get the Memo”

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Today we’re going back to the Early Modern Era in the East, or as I like to call it, “They Didn’t Get the Memo”. We’ll look at China’s early attempts at exploration, the Islamic empires that both did and didn’t get the usefulness guns, the impact of Europe’s new power on Africa and the rise of two young players who do adapt to the western ways, sort of. 

Act 1: China Had Explorers, Too

Act 2: The Sort-Of Gunpowder Empires

Act 3: Africa Responds to the West

Act 4: New Technology? It’s good to be young. | Early Russia and Japan

So, the west, and sea-based power, is on the rise. China and the Middle East close their doors. Africa made the mistake of letting the Europeans in and now can’t get them to leave. Japan shuts the door too, but they let the Dutch slip them notes about cool technology from time to time. Russia keeps its political and economic system the same, but they have windows looking out on the west and are adapting a lot of their country to these new ways. But anyone in the east who thought westernization was just a passing phase is going to be sorely mistaken when Europe sets its eyes directly on Asia. What could go wrong?

To be continued…

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