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World History Ep. 6: Early Modern Era in the West, or “We Missed Two Whole Continents?!”

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Today we’re going back to the Early Modern Era in the West, or as I like to call it, “We Missed Two Whole Continents?!”. We’ll look at all the things in European history you heard about that time you went to that museum, what was going on in the Americas before 1492, and what happened when the East found out that there was a whole other half of the world they didn’t know about. Awkward.

Act 1: The Ninja Turtles | The Renaissance

Act 2: Europe Sticks It To The Man! | Reformation & Enlightenment

Act 3: 1491 | The Aztecs

Act 4: In 1492, Columbus got lost, bumped into land, and ruined it | The Conquest of the Americas

So, Europe is slowly modernizing. By the Early Modern Era they have challenged the authority of absolute rulers and the Pope. They are exploring new art and science, and also exploring new parts of the world. Even though there are a lot of new ideas floating around Europe, many of them haven’t been fully put into action yet. It won’t be until the next era that Europe becomes truly modern – the Scientific Revolution will grow into industrialization, exploration and colonization will become full-scale imperialism, and the new political philosophies of the Enlightenment will be implemented by a few pesky colonists who believe in annoying things like rights and representation.

The world is clearly changing. Sea-based power is on the rise as plucky upstart Europe is increasing its influence on both sides of the Atlantic. But the clunky, land-based empires in Asia aren’t getting the memo. They still see power in the form of land, like the old-style classical empires, and they don’t give much credence to the new European advancements. Big mistake.

To be continued…

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