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World History Ep. 5: The Postclassical Era in the East, or “Yes We KHAN!”

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Today we’re going back to the Postclassical Era in the East, or as I like to call it, “Yes We Khan!”. We’ll look at the rise of Islam, four great Chinese inventions, and figure out why no one ever learns about African history. And then we’ll get to one of my favorite figures in all of world history and the only person to successfully invade Russia in the winter (challenge accepted)…

Act 1: The Rise of Islam

Act 2: Cue up Toto, We’re Talking about Africa

Act 3: Thanks China for all of the Useful Things

Act 4: Here Comes the Mongols…

So, Islam has firmly established itself in the Middle East. India and China are trucking along shifting between centralized rule and a variety of competing states. And the Mongols have given most of Eurasia a fresh start. Meanwhile, the reunited Silk Road trade has allowed Asian innovations to reach Europe, who has recently had its eyes opened to the outside world again and is eager to find out what else is out there. Who knows? Maybe that compass and gunpowder will come in handy after all…

To be continued…

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5 thoughts on “World History Ep. 5: The Postclassical Era in the East, or “Yes We KHAN!””

  1. Outstanding!! The best teaching of Islam and early Africa!
    Loved learning new facts about camels!!

    1. Yes! I just updated the page so the links are working – sorry about that!

  2. Hi,
    Great video on the WHAP unit 0. I am looking for the guided reading worksheet that goes with the video…pretty please.

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