Contemporary Issues Podcast Teaching World History

Welcome to everyone who slept through their high school social studies class

Every time I tell people that I’m a high school social studies teacher, after they give me a pitying look, I get the same response, “I wish I had paid more attention in high school!” Or sometimes, “I wish I could take your history class!” After hearing that hundreds of times it dawned on me that youth – and education – is wasted on the young. Adults understand the importance of knowledge and would beanefit from a world history or contemporary issues class infinitely more than teenagers. Also, young people don’t understand most of my jokes and references. So, I created this blog and my “Anti-Social Studies” podcast to bring my classroom to the masses and to allow non-teenagers the opportunity to relearn social studies in a safe, non-judgmental environment with absolutely no worksheets or quizzes. I promise. Unless it’s a quiz to sort yourself into a Hogwarts house, in which case the only acceptable answer is Ravenclaw.

On this site you’ll find my general musings and behind-the-scenes stories of what it’s like to teach history and current events to people who unironically use phrases like “lit” and “vibey.” It’s hard, y’all. I’ll also post resources for fellow teachers who might be interested in lovingly stealing my materials. I also have a podcast called “Anti-Social Studies” where I direct teach broad topics from my classroom. Check it out!