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Recent Episodes

The (First) Rise of Classical China
Two classical dynasties set up China to be a relatively unified and stable powerhouse for the next 2,000 years. The
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Thank God for Sanskrit | Classical India
We weren’t really able to talk much about India in the ancient era because their language still hasn’t been deciphered.
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All Roads Lead to Rome
There are a lot of Rome fans out there who are going to be upset by how many crazy important
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Alexander the Great
Who was Alexander and why was he so great? (Listen to the entire episode here!) Childhood Alexander the Great was
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This is Sparta! | Classical Greece
We hear about classical Greece all the time. So who were these Greeks? (Listen to the entire episode here!) Short
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Anatomy of the Persian Empire
The poster child for empire building is Persia. The Classical Era begins at 600 BCE because this is around when
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How much of world history can I relate to the Hunger Games? All of it.
One year I had a student keep track of every time I referenced the Hunger Games in my world history
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When you win wars, you get to name stuff
It’s so easy to study history and forget that these things actually happened. Like, George Washington woke up each morning,
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Welcome to everyone who slept through their high school social studies class
Every time I tell people that I’m a high school social studies teacher, after they give me a pitying look,
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