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Recent Episodes

The War | WWII
For the first few years of the war, the Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan) were rapidly expanding. The Germans
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The Post-War World
By 1945, World War Two had become the deadliest conflict in human history. 78 million people died during the war.
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111: World War I or, “The War to Cause All Wars”
Today we’re going to look at World War I, or “The War To Cause All Wars!” There will be acronyms,
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The MAIN Causes of WWI
So, what were the causes of WWI? (Listen to the entire episode here!) By the early 1900s Europe is solidly
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The Great War
Germany’s Schlieffen Plan fails, mostly because the British step in and support France. And so they are stuck fighting a
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The Russian Revolution
So what caused the Russian Revolution? Why are people unhappy in Russia? If you’ll remember, ever since Peter the Great
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The Effects of WWI
World War I was a wake up call for a lot of the European powers. They realized the dangers that
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110: The Modern Era in the East or, “Knock Knock. It’s the West.”
Last time we explored the Age of Imperialism in Africa, India and the Pacific. The West was able to successfully
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Japan Wins! | The Meiji Restoration
So if you can remember all the way back to Act 1, China was forced open by the British and
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Russia and the Ottomans Try Their Best
So if you’ll remember, Russia had already jumped on the westernization bandwagon thanks to Peter the Great. So let’s pick
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