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Recent Episodes

115 Decolonization, or “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”
Today we’re going back to the 20th century and Decolonization, or as I like to call it, “Don’t Let the
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114: The Cold War in Latin America, or “This is why they hate us there!”
Today, let’s look back through that same time period in Latin America. This is a region where the Cold War
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113: The Cold War or, “I Must Break You, WOLVERINES!”
Today, we’ll look at the new global system that gets set up in the wake up European empires. The U.S.
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The Cold War
So we all know that good, red-blooded Americans hate those pinko Commies, right? But why? Well… because… they’re Communist? Sure.
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Chairman Mao | Communist China
China. Oh, China. You’re so confusing and so simple at the same time. China is a land of tradition and
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The Fall of the Soviet Union
We’re going to go back and look at what was going on outside of the US and the USSR soon.
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112: World War Two, or “Who was supposed to be watching Germany?!”
Today, we’ll talk about the war that was directly caused by the War to End All Wars. Talk about irony.
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The Depression
After World War I, all of the major powers turned inward and focused on rebuilding their own economies.  Nowhere was
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The Rise of Hitler
The worldwide depression had a lot of impacts but none more important than the rise of extreme dictatorships around the
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The Holocaust
I’ll be honest. I really didn’t want to write this part of the episode. Partly because it makes me sad
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