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Recent Episodes

208: Central American Migration or, “THE CARAVAN!”
They’re coming… Can you feel it?… Their footsteps reverberating across Mexico… all along the border American troops and border patrol
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207: Voting or, “Sorry George”
Hey! I don’t know if y’all have heard but, there’s an election going on. I know! Thankfully 3,000 of my
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206: Indigenous Americans (pt. 2) or “1491”
I hope everyone had a great Columbus Day weekend! I did not because I’m from Austin and as of last
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205: Indigenous Americans (pt. 1), or “Dang I wish I was an Inca”
Two months ago, I traveled around Peru with twelve teenagers. We visited churches and underground crypts filled with artistic displays
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204: Immigration or, “Good fences make tense neighbors”
Early in the morning on September 16, 1810, a priest was warned that he would soon be arrested by Spanish
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203: Sports and Protest or, “Martin, Malcolm, and Colin”
As my husband continues to remind me, we are only a few days away from the start of a new
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202: History at the Movies or, “The Hungry Panther Games”
Y’all. I just got home from seeing Black Klansman and it’s necessary viewing. Set in the 70s, this movie is
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201: Russia, or “What the Helsinki?!”
In 1223, Genghis Khan’s army invaded the territory of the Kievan Rus. They established the Khanate of the Golden Horde
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117: The World Today or, “Too Soon?”
Friends, we’ve done it. We’ve reached the final episode of Season 1: The Big Picture of World History. Let me
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116: 20th c. Middle East or, “Who knew religion was so important to people?!”
Think about the Middle East. They’ve been controlled by Persia, Alexander the Great, the Romans, the Caliphates, the Ottoman Empire,
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