Episode 201 Classroom Resources (Trump-Russia)

Listen to Episode 201 here!

Fair warning: things change so fast in the Trump-Russia investigation. Who knows if these resources will be relevant in a few months, or tomorrow for that matter? But, these are some of the materials I’ve used in the past when I want to talk with students about the ongoing developments.

Before they listen:

This is a great, in-depth background article from The New York Times UpFront for students who are not well-versed in 20th century history, with a focus on U.S.-Russia relations and Vladimir Putin in the era of Trump.

For more detail on Putin, specifically, have students watch Vox’s “From spy to president: The rise of Vladimir Putin.”

After they listen:

This is a great visual from Politico that shows all of the ties between Russia and President Trump’s team. I would recommend having students pick one person on Trump’s team and trace their connections. Students can get into groups and compare notes on what they found, any similarities they see across various people, and questions they have for further research.