Distance Learning (#Coronavirusgate 2020)

Here are my favorite online teaching resources!

Top Three Tips for Distance Learning

  1. Simplify.

    Keep weekly assignments/deadlines fairly regular.
    Ex: My weekly review packet/quiz is due every Sunday at midnight.

    Limit textbook reading.
    If the content can be learned another way, choose that other way.
    (Ex: My students are watching Crash Course (with questions built in using EdPuzzle) for their basic content and then I’m supplementing with articles, etc.)

    “Marie Kondo” your course. 
    Take everything out (assume you’re NOT going to cover any of it) and then only bring back in the content/assignments that are necessary for students to complete.

  2. Don’t overdo it on technology.

    If you’re trying new tools, try ONE new tool per week. 
    As a reminder, my favorite tech tools to increase interaction are:

    – Padlet (class Pinterest board where students can post docs/images/text in a variety of formats)
    Prism (students can highlight any text using categories you choose; then you can “visualize” how all of the students interpreted the text)
    EdPuzzle (take YouTube videos and cut content/add questions/supplement with voiceovers)

    Live Zoom meetings should not be critical to student success. 
    We are being forced to “flip” our classrooms (majority of learning is happening outside of your “classroom.”)

    So what are Zoom (“live” video call) meetings for?
    – Checking in with students (First, social-emotional check ins. Second, make sure everyone is doing OK on their independent work.)
    – Lectures/activities that help bring independent work “to life” (make big picture connections, dive deep into one aspect of their studies, etc.)

  3. Keep perspective.
    1. School is not the most important thing right now.

    2. Your class is definitely not the most important thing right now (to you or your students.)

    3. Our job right now is to provide stability, distraction and kindness. If we cover some content, that’s great, too.