Episode 207: Voting or, “Sorry George”

Hey! I don’t know if y’all have heard but, there’s an election going on. I know! Thankfully 3,000 of my Facebook friends have been posting about it nonstop over the last two years so I remembered to vote. But maybe you haven’t heard. So, if I’m the first person to tell you this, then let me inform you: 2018 is an election year. And this midterm might just be one of the most important midterms of our life. So you should vote.

If you haven’t voted yet, go out and do that right now. I’ll wait…

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Episode 206: Indigenous Americans (pt. 2) or “1491”

I hope everyone had a great Columbus Day weekend! I did not because I’m from Austin and as of last year, we don’t celebrate Columbus Day. So I had a fantastic Indigenous Peoples’ Day! Take that, Columbus! There’s some Montezuma’s Revenge for you – 500 years too late. This is my second episode in a two-part series celebrating indigenous history. Last week I told you why I wished I was an Inca – if you haven’t listened to that one, you should check it out. Today we’re going to travel further north to the land that will come to be known as the United States.

Many people around the country have come to the conclusion, after five centuries of careful consideration, that the destruction of millions of Native Americans and the enslavement of many of the survivors was… you know… bad. And, for anyone out there who is like, “Well but Columbus didn’t know he was bringing disease that would destroy two continents! He just started a process that he shouldn’t be responsible for!” Shut up. Yes he did. Christopher Columbus himself is responsible for the first transatlantic slave voyage, rounding up hundreds of natives into pens, selecting the best “specimens” and then taking them back to Europe to be gawked at and eventually sold. This included women who were sold into sex slavery and children.

So, that’s all the air time I want to give Columbus. Instead, let’s spend the rest of the episode talking about the people who never get talked about – the original Americans. Oh, you came over on the Mayflower? How cute. We walked across a freakin’ bridge of ice.

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