Season 1: World History

World History Ep. 13: The Cold War or, “I Must Break You, WOLVERINES!”

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Today, we’ll look at the new global system that gets set up in the wake up European empires. The U.S. gets obsessed with containing things, we go to space (allegedly), China gets Mao-ed, and *spoiler alert* the U.S. wins the Cold War! This is Anti-Social Studies, I’m Emily Glankler, settle in, and let’s go back in time…

Act 1: The Cold War

Act 2: Chairman Mao

Act 3: The Fall of the Soviet Union

We could spend a ton of time on the Cold War in the U.S. and the Soviet Union. I could do a scene-for-scene reenactment of the original Red Dawn if that would be helpful. WOLVERINES! But since I’m a world history teacher I really want to spend more time on, you know, the world. So let’s spend the next few episodes traveling around the world to see what was going on everywhere else after World War II.

The Cold War will reach Latin America thanks to Castro and a ship named the Granma. The Middle East will erupt into chaos after the fall of the Mandate System. And all across Africa and Asia decolonization will create new nations that will have to figure out how they fit into this new postwar world. It’s all happening in the shadow of the Cold War and it all matters for your life today.